About Us

We are a team of enthusiastic people who wanted to share the knowledge which we have and we thought the website is the best of all present out there.

Crunch Stories is a team of hungry, angry youth who want to spread positivity in the world and also try to bring a change in the way people read the content.

Crunch Stories is a platform where you get everything to see what’s really happening. 🧐

Crunch Stories is a team that is trying to bring up the realities around us. We are a group of students and working professionals. And most of us are not experienced in content writing but we still try our best to fill you up and give you curated content for you.

Crunch Stories is a platform where you get to see everything on News, Tech, Entertainment, Automobiles, Life hacks, Lifestyles, and many more. We have everything for you.

We have advertisements on our website to keep up with the costs of maintenance of the website. This website came out of pure passion and interest in Two people and running successfully with a team of 10 members.

Crunch Stories is always open for suggestions and for the people who are interested in content writing and interest in expressing your point of view is the only thing you need to join our journey.

If you like our work share it with your friends. Thanks for taking the time and reading about the team of Crunch Stories. Have a great day ahead.

Our Team and Our Strength

Sandeep Varikuppala

Bharath Kumar

Surya Naidu
Chief Content Analyst & Writer

Niveditha T
Content Writer

Dr. M. Soujanya
Content Writer

Sitaram Bhupal
Sr. Content Writer

Pooja Jangampalli
Content Writer

Saradhi Koradala
Lead Editor & Content Writer

Yeshwanth Goud
Social Media Manager

Divya Anjali
Content Writer 

Vaishnavi Narreddy
Sr. Content Writer

Harisha Boreddy
SEO Manager

Ananya Mallapalli
Content Writer

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